The Forum Venue

Villa Decius Conference Centre

The venue of the "Connect+" Forum will be the Villa Decius Conference Centre, in Krakow, Poland. A place filled with rich European history, just like Poland's former capital and the most beautiful city. The Villa's owner Justus Ludovicus Decius came to Kraków from Hungary in 1508 and quickly became a consummate diplomat, practised financier and a highly positioned royal dignitary. In 1528 he employed three Italian architects in order to build a suburban villa following the example of a fashionable paradis terrestiare in the environs of Florence and Rome - estates that were meeting places and places of rest and philosophical debate. Located on the picturesque eastern slope of Sowiniec, surrounded by an extensive renaissance garden, the palace was completed in 1535. Soon it became the venue for meetings of representatives of different cultures and nationalities, the exchange of opinion and for creative confrontation between various convictions. Owned by many noble and aristocratic families and recently restored thanks to the efforts of the City of Kraków, the Villa serves its original purpose to this day.