“Connect+” Managers Innovation Forum is a truly European network undertaking. Our programme does not start with breakfast and does not end when the lights are off in the training room. We will ensure a strong networking possibility during and after the sessions, making the most of coffee breaks or when dining in Krakow’s most renowned restaurants and clubs.


The network – beyond the Forum

Great management has always been something you do side by side, by watching your colleagues, observing reactions and interacting with people you work with. The “Connect+” Managers Innovation Forum is a launching pad for a programme that has major ambitions, far beyond a single training event. The overall and multi-year objective of the “Connect+” concept is to create a group of like-minded managers from various countries, a strong alumni network, a living society of a flat structure, which will meet at least once a year and remain connected through social networks and new communication technologies. With various branches represented the network will have less technical and more social and managerial dimension. We find it particularly attractive!

Your participation is fundamental and we really mean it! Network members will have their say as for the topics they would like to elaborate during the “Connect+” further meetings, suggest speakers they would like to listen to, and will also be able to advise on the location and technicalities of next such meetings. A modest group of network moderators will analyse how to accommodate the members’ requests.