Dr Piotr Uhma & Luiza Czajkowska,
Forum Co-ordinators

Dear Fellow Business Innovators!

Due to numerous professional conferences and management trainings many people may be mistaken by what the “Connect+” Managers Innovation Forum really is. The Forum is a public face of an ever growing network of likeminded managers, representing various branches and diverse industries from across Europe and beyond – a community of individuals, leaders and innovators, who want to learn from each other, share their experiences and be inspired by engaging in the programme of “Connect+” alumni in the most sophisticated way.

The concept of “Connect+” builds upon previous conference experiences and the desire to offer a unique solution for mid-career managers, men and women, seeking a unique learning experience, a truly European networking possibility and an innovative working method. Too often these factors do not coincide. The “Connect+” Forum was designed with the ambition to provide a comprehensive and exciting leadership development programme during two days filled with intensive work, interactions and rich cultural celebrations.

The overriding theme of the “Connect+” Managers Innovation Forum is innovation. The two-day meeting focuses on designing a creative process by exploring the tools and techniques available for creating and managing ideas and the appropriate leadership skills that are needed to facilitate the process. The “Connect+” Forum will focus on the personal development of participants as innovators. While there are many conferences and workshops on self-development, personality advancement and target oriented approaches to life, the uniqueness of this meeting is that the “Connect+” Forum will actually be a workshop about an innovative human mind. It will contribute to the question: how to develop a creative and innovative personality of a manager in a corporate world? What is it to be an innovative leader in an organization? Such an approach will enable to create an inspiring agenda, with an active participation in small groups and a lot of networking opportunities, information sharing and learning from each other.

The programme is designed to motivate, inspire, captivate and reinvigorate. We will talk about leadership that is flexible, empowering and human. We will address innovative strategies that anticipate and lead changes. We will address trends that will continue to shape your business environment.

“Connect+” is an idea bigger than all of the communities that make it up, and it represents something that we all can aspire to, which is to be part of one big network of people figuring our better ways of doing things. “Connect+” is not just another training. It is knowledge sharing experience. It is a partnership. Please join us!

The organizers: Luiza Czajkowska, Piotr Uhma and Marcin Szydłowski