“Connect+” is an idea bigger than all of the communities that make it up, and it represents something that we all can aspire to, which is to be part of one big network of people figuring our better ways of doing things. “Connect+” is not just another training. It is knowledge sharing experience. It is a partnership. Please join us!


Participants profile

Innovative companies understand that great human experiences are great for businesses. The “Connect+” program is a hands-on creativity meeting designed for everyone that needs to be able to take a more active role in ever more demanding corporate world. We are looking for mid-career professionals with substantial managerial experience, willing to learn from each other, share and celebrate in an open and friendly atmosphere of a creative mind. Forum participants will ideally hold specialist and senior positions in Europe’s corporations, medium size companies, international and transnational organizations. Independent professionals are also invited to apply.

European and international dimension

The “Connect+” is a Europe-wide event. We encourage international participation. The event will be fully held in English with no translation foreseen. For the dynamic of the group each company should be represented by ideally no more than 3-4 people to ensure greater inclusion.

Women participation and gender mainstreaming

Women start careers in business and other professions with the same level of intelligence, education, and commitment as men. Often, their path to success is more difficult and biased with stereotypes. Yet, women in business make a difference and we want to celebrate that. A feminine approach brings invaluable elements of novelty to the corporate world. We believe in gender balance and this will be preserved though the “Connect+” Forum.